Everyone would like to buy, breed, live with and sometimes sell perfect alpacas. To do that, we must first have a vivid picture of “perfect” in our mind’s eye. Here at Mourne Alpacas, we are striving to improve on our genetics and breeding all the time.

Our intensive training, both delivered and received, means that we are learning all the time. Our continued investment in new bloodlines means that we are striving all the time to build better fleece characteristics and improved confirmation into our herd every year.

First and foremost, an alpaca is a production animal. The product it creates is fleece. An alpaca’s ultimate value flows from its ability to create fine, dense fleece that is coveted by the makers of luxury garments.

It also so happens that the fleece characteristics which make an alpaca valuable are heritable. When mated properly, alpacas pass these fleece traits on to their offspring. At the end of the day, the ideal alpaca produces an elite fleece and quality cria with high breeding value.

Here at Mourne Alpacas, we use genetically sound selection and breeding systems, always use impact herd sires, with outstanding studs here all our own on the farm, and we feed our herd the best feeds available in order to produce healthy, quality alpacas with the finest fleece possible, for the production of beautiful Mourne Alpacas yarns available from our farm shop.


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