What do you do with the poo?

Alpacas (camalids) have 3 stomachs that digest foods more completely than other farm animals. This results in higher nitrogen and potassium content, lower organic material content.


Since Alpaca poo will not burn plants and vegetables, it can be placed directly on and around plants to add its nutrients back onto the soil. This happens as it rains or gets watered. The water slowly dissolves the poo and drains it into the soil. This is the easiest way to use alpaca poo as it does not require waiting for composting, or the labour of tilling soil.


Apply the poo directly to the soil and till it in. This will help to replace nitrogen and potassium in the soil. It is a more traditional way of getting the fertilizer into the soil, but it does require the labour of tilling or rotovating. It can be tilled in fresh, or composted first before tilling.


Seeds don’t survive the digestion process, so there will not be any weed seeds.


Alpaca poo has a relatively low odour compared to other farm animals, which makes it easier to work with.


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