Webinars start TODAY 6th May 8pm.

Webinars start TODAY 6th May 8pm.

Our series, a world-wide webinar alpaca learning opportunity – launches today 6th May.

For our first webinar in this inaugural series, no better opening session than to take a good look at the birthing experience, for alpacas and their owners.

In this webinar Dr. Claire Whitehead, a leading camelid vet, will cover preparation for the birthing season, what to expect when an alpaca gives birth, what to look out for when things aren’t going according to plan, and how to recognise when veterinary help is needed.

Individual webinars cost £21 + vat.

Bookings can be made directly with us, michelle@mournealpacas.com for local currency payments (£ or €) or made directly on our webinar page https://mournealpacas.com/webinar-details/#1586336324366-d2ba8eaa-3a3a

Be part of the most unique access to learning for alpaca owners – sit at home and learn from alpaca community professionals worldwide –

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