“Mating And Fertility – Considerations, Concerns And Practicalities.”


Peter Aitken ~ Totally Vets Ltd, NZ

Peter completed veterinary studies at Massey University in 2002, and since then his veterinary work has had him located in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Peter a keen interest in alpacas, having published a guide for vets and breeders in NZ, and holding the post of president of the NZVA camelid branch.

In our previous vet sessions, we have studied the birthing process, and also taken a good look at the care of the newborn cria. Now attention turns to covering the females.

Peter joins us from New Zealand for this presentation, which he has subtitled “Alpaca Sex – the hands-on approach!”. This session will explore all of the facets of the breeding process, when we all aim for a straight-forward and successful sit!

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