“Parasites – The Number 1 Alpaca Killer.”


Claire Whitehead ~ Camelid Veterinary Services, UK

Claire graduated as a vet from Edinburgh in 1999. She is the current President of the British Veterinary Camelid Society and was recognized as the first and currently only RCVS Specialist in Camelid Health & Production in February 2016.

Having studied and explored birthing, cria care, weaning considerations and also breeding processes, we turn our vet’s attention to wider welfare of the alpaca herd.

This webinar will discuss the main groups of internal parasites that are a concern in alpacas (worms, coccidia and fluke) and what effects these can have on your animals. The emphasis will be on developing parasite control strategies for use on your farm to include pasture management, monitoring and treatment only where necessary.

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