“What Drives Improvement – Looking At Different Methods For Achieving And Measuring Herd Improvement.”


Nick Harrington Smith ~ Evolution Alpacas, UK

Nick has spent 22 years owning and managing large alpaca herds, and having selected alpacas on 3 continents with much success. Nick has gained many insights into what alpacas can offer.  He believes that only through education can we ensure the alpaca thrives in Northern Europe.

Nick is an international alpaca judge, British Alpaca Society and AOA qualified and has travelled extensively for judging in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Every individual has a different idea as to what constitutes herd improvement and how quickly they seek to achieve that improvement.

Firstly though we need to understand what the objective is and to do this we must recognise what the ultimate goal is.  Breeders must be aware of current trends and breeding practices, and what the current market requires.

In this presentation we will begin to look at the various market drivers and how they might fit with personal objectives.

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