Health, Husbandry & Haltering for a Healthy Herd.

Alpaca husbandry, detailing an annual schedule for optimum herd health. Incorporating handling and herding, and focusing on practical health and parasite control, this combined theory and hands-on day will incorporate the British Alpaca Society Training Modules 1 –5

Module 1:   Catching your alpaca
Module 2:   Fitting a head collar
Module 3:   Halter training
Module 4:   Feeding and basic management
Module 5:   Vaccination, worming and supplements

delivered by our BAS affiliate certified trainer. Dates still available:    

Sun 18th June    10am to 3.30pm Mourne Alpacas Dromara     Use this link to book:

Sat 17th Sept    10am to 3.30pm Mourne Alpacas Dromara     Click here to book:                  

Any questions or to personally book your place, at a cost of £90 stg inc VAT, please email


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