Nestled at the foot of Slieve Croob, we have a beautiful large pedigree Alpaca herd, with prize winning US and Australian bloodlines and outstanding genetics in our breeding females and superb studs.

MOURNE ALPACAS is a family handled herd. We are obsessed with alpacas since 2001 and continue to learn and improve our bloodlines and knowledge every day, being fascinated with the whole concept of Field to Fashion, sprinkled with fact-based learning.

Come and visit us, meet our family who have the privilege of owning and managing a fabulous very large all-pedigree herd. We have 4 children, who have grown up with alpacas as playmates, and who are all hands on with the husbandry and halter training of all of our alpacas.

Here at Mourne Alpacas, we have every colour of alpaca recognised in the official colour chart, from dazzling whites through fawns, browns, rose and all shades of grey to jet and blue-black stunning girls and boys, with amazing crimp and very fine micron counts.

Our herd owner, Dr Michelle Dunniece is a British Alpaca Society accredited trainer, and we offer certified training courses on our farm and our Mourne Alpacas webinar series™ on a regular basis.

New Mourne Alpacas Webinar™ Series for 2020

Mourne Alpaca Academy – Autumn Training Series – on farm, hands on – certified training courses.

“Alpacas – all you need to know” Mourne Alpacas Academy Autumn Hands On Training Days

Throughout the Autumn and through to Spring of 2021, Mourne Alpacas Academy will be presenting all stages of our certified training programs, on farm for hands on learning, and also as webinar broadcasts, including

  • Introduction to Alpaca Ownership – pre-ownership and new owners
  • Husbandry and Health for Alpacas
  • Alpacas – breeding, mating, crias and increasing the herd
  • Modules 1 – 5 of the BAS accredited alpaca training scheme
  • Modules 6 – 10 of the BAS accredited alpaca training scheme
  • Module 11 of the BAS accredited alpaca training scheme
  • Alpacas in Therapeutic Applications – introduction and training
  • Camelid Dynamics – an introduction and application of handling processes
  • Alpacas as a business venture – possibilities, planning and advantages.
  • Autumn and Winter – preparing your herd!
  • Fleece, skirting and all that jazz!

More training sessions are in planning, and as always we are open to suggestions for the design and staging of professional alpaca-based training and learning, all infused with learning and outcomes from our research and development, in our Alpaca Academy.

To reserve places, enquire about training schemes, and enjoy your ownership of your alpacas in confidence with quality training and support, email us at michelle@mournealpacas.com.


Everyone benefits from evidence based practices informed by professional research.

Mourne Alpacas Academy – leading the way in training and research.

So Why Do We Own Alpacas?

For so many very simple reasons: The alpacas slow us down and point the way to simple things that make us smile. They are gentle with our children. They live with us in harmony. Once in a while we are asked by one of our females to help her give birth and maybe nurse the cria for a few days until Mother Nature brings them both together, starting life’s cycle over again. We really can’t imagine a better way to spend our time as a family

If you don’t own an alpaca, ask the question, “Why?” from someone who does. When you bring your first alpacas home you’ll have your own reasons for caring for them which will add to the magic that alpacas create, that we enjoy every day here at Mourne Alpacas – 4 children,  alpacas, all living together and sharing a magical space.

Recent News From Mourne Alpacas

Making Alpacas Your Business
Making Alpacas Your Business

Presenter: Kate Brookes Mullacott Alpacas This webinar is aimed at those who would...

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Introducing alpacas to children – we had fun making this video in lockdown!

Thank you to MayWe Productions and to the Burnavon Theatre for this commission...

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“Alpaca Research Foundation – (ARF) At Work.”
“Alpaca Research Foundation – (ARF) At Work.”

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1 week ago

Mourne Alpacas

Email us at training@mournealpacas.com with your requests for webinar presentations! ...

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Mourne Alpacas

Next sets of webinars about to be released - be sure your wishes for a topic are included for consideration! ...

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Mourne Alpacas

Still learning - staying distant - staying safe- online learning.

Mourne Alpacas Webinar Wed 26th Aug 8pm:

"Making Alpacas Your Business"

Presenter: Kate Brookes, Mullacott Alpacas

This webinar is aimed at those who would like to develop a business involving their alpacas, or at the very least get their alpacas to self fund. Kate will help you to explore the journey from having a good idea to making it happen. How do you price, market, deal with potential customers and consider all those other things that will make sure your business can be sustained into the future?

To book this webinar directly in £ Stg @ £25 inc vat simply click here mournealpacas.com/webinar-details/

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